Welcome Back {In which we update, at long last}

I’ve been silent for quite some time, and I apologize to the few of you concerned with the well-being of my blog.  I do so appreciate your reading and commenting and sharing with kindred spirits!  Now, I’ve said it before, but I have multiple blogs on the docket, so you can expect updates at a steady speed.

To start, (or to finish, in a way), I hope the last weeks of summer found you relaxing, enjoying a lovely novel and time with friends and family.  I was happy to partake in the above with Teddy R. and DB3, The Help by Kathryn Stockett and March by Geraldine Brooks, and a trip to California for the wedding of two dear friends.  Shout out to my sister for providing me with the fantastic reading material!

Relaxing for me generally includes crafting on the couch, with perhaps a bit of Buffy or the BBC (Thank you, Lauren C., for introducing me to Downton Abbey!) to keep me company.  I recently went through a Mod Podge, paper crafting mania and came up with new sets of ceramic coasters.

Hello Birdie!Twister, anyone?






Cute, eh? There are more in the shoppe, but for those of you feeling crafty, you can find a fantastic tutorial at Style Me Pretty.  They really are quite simple and just require a bit of patience during the cutting and sealant stage.

Postcards from AbroadBursting Fireworks


I can hear my Dad thinking, wait, that’s *all* she did this summer?  Don’t worry, I had custom orders (hankies, mostly), to keep me stitching away and gifts for some lovely brides.  Also, at long last, I did a bit of baking again.  Check out the yummy goodies that will be featured in an upcoming post:

yum yum yum

I also had the chance to restock in wonderful autumn fabrics, which will be making their way into the shop in the coming weeks.  And let’s not forget that Halloween will be kicking off my favorite holiday season very soon!  Last year, David and I dressed as George Michael Bluth and Maebe Funke from Arrested Development.  I think it’ll be hard to top that one this year.  Any suggestions?

And because everyone loves a beautiful bride.  xxxo

<3 <3 <3all ready











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